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Mon, May. 12th, 2008, 09:49 am
A long wonderful weekend

This weekend seemed like it went on forever, but only because I did so much stuff in just 3 days.
Friday was the day of the big jump, but once again we were thwarted by the weather, so instead we hung out in a biker town eating fries made out of obscure food and watching the most awesome close-talking drunk guy tell and re-tell the story of how he beat up Gene Simmons or Sammy Hagar, or some like rock-star. Then we went home and sat by the fire and giggled like schoolgirls at prank phone calls.
Saturday I shopped. And by shopped I mean I went to every rummage sale and thrift store in two counties. It was a ton of fun and I bought a lot of stuff, most importantly, dining room chairs! Now I can finally sit at my awesome table. The most important thing though was that instead of driving just to get somewhere, I actually enjoyed the scenery. I stopped at a park and took side roads that I didn't know where they ended. I loved it and felt awesome.
I made it home in time to re-upholster my new chairs and make dinner (albeit a late dinner that resulted in maybe just a little too much wine drank on an empty stomach). I made a complex dinner that Emeril considers intermediate, but a couple burns and hours later, I relabeled it as complex. Then we laid on the couch under the pretense of a movie and fell asleep. Its amazing how comfortable I feel in your arms. I'm still afraid of what people say, but its easy to forget that when we're alone.
Sunday was an early morning a long drive to Grandma's for Mother's Day brunch. The kicker though, is that my own mother didn't even show, so after a surprisingly fun morning it was more long driving to my parents for dinner. For once (well, I guess twice) I didn't mind the driving. I think this weekend I really realized that it really is true that the journey is just as important as the destination. Maybe its all the time spent on the back of a motorcycle with no place to go.
Other exciting news, my hyper spastic refused-to-listen puppy has been reformed. I bought a remote training collar this weekend, and it is by far the best purchase I've made recently. For anyone thinking that this is cruel, know first that I tried it on myself before I would even think to put it on Molly, and because of this wonderful device, her quality of life will get so much better. Before, I couldn't let her off lead because she would chase animals everywhere, even birds, and she wouldn't stop until she met a physical barrier, which where we live could be miles. That meant that she couldn't run, EVER. Now last night after about 10 minutes of brief training (that only consisted of a couple shocks) she could run around, we played fetch, she even chased the barn cats around but stopped when she got too far away from me. It was perfect! And then she was so much more well behaved in the house because she was actually able to get her energy out. I think this is gonna be a great change. I think all of this is gonna be a great change.